• Scubapro Sport 3mm Wetsuit
  • Scubapro Sport 3mm Wetsuit

Scubapro Sport 3mm Mens

$265.00 $315.00


The Scubapro 3mm Sport wetsuit is an ultra stretch suit that is very easy to don and don. The suits are built from a comfortable soft neoprene and covered with high-stretch nylon!

The Sport suit is the easiest wetsuit to get in and out of in the Scubapro wetsuit range and gives you a minimal restrictions and maximum range of motion! Lined with a soft plush lining, the suit feels great on the skin as well!

The triathlon cut allows unrestricted movement when swimming and the wrists an ankes are fitted with sealing panels and zippers to aid in donning and doffing the suit.

It molds to the body and is the ideal tropical wetsuit that hits all the marks at a great price!

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