• Scubapro S560 (without first stage)

Scubapro S560 Second Stage Only

$449.00 $529.00


The Scubapro S560 second stage regulator is a lightweight second stage with a rugged, precision molded carbon fibre and techno-polymer case with techno-polymer barrel. This means it is extremely rugged and can handle anything you throw, but remains very light.

This second stage offers smooth, easy breathing characteristics and is equipped with a diver-adjustable inhalation switch for fine tuning the breathing resistance and a VIVA Dive/Pre-Dive control switch, which enables personal adjustment of breathing effort.

The S560 comes with a 3/8" threaded Scubapro Super-flow LP Hose with strong and durable kevlar lining and a super-comfort high-flow mouthpiece for smooth air delivery, the regulator weighs 172g (6.1oz).

Includes LP hose.

Technical Information

  • Lightweight, techno-polymer case and valve barrel
  • Airbalanced
  • Diver adjustable inhalation effort: personal adjustment of breathing effort
  • VIVA: Dive/Pre-Dive control switch: helps prevent free-flow
  • Extra high flow exhaust valve
  • Easy inhalation & exhalation at any depth
  • Included 3/8" threaded super flow LP hose with durable kevlar lining
  • Super comfort high flow mouthpiece for smooth air delivery
  • Weight: 172gr (6.1oz)

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