• Scubapro Oneflex Steamer 7mm Front Zip Mens

Scubapro Oneflex Steamer 7mm Front Zip Mens

$319.00 $450.00


The Scubapro Oneflex Steamer (7mm) Men’s wetsuit is a high-quality product offered to you at an affordable price! This wetsuit will keep you warm when the water temperatures drop, while still providing excellent flexibility and mobility – which can be uncommon with thicker wetsuits! The PDC (Pure Design Concept) and X-Foam material are durable yet stretchy fabrics, and help make this wetsuit such high-quality. In addition, flap seals on the arms and legs reduce water flow and increases warmth.

Scubapro has aimed to increase the longevity of this suit, by implementing many clever features. Metal zipper sliders and tough kneepads will help this wetsuit stand the test of time.

As this suit is a popular school and rental suit because of it's durability and ease of donning and doffing, it has the sizing displayed on the sleeves.

The Oneflex Steamer has a black colour scheme, with convenient colour-coded size indicators. It also features a front zip, which aids divers in independently donning and doffing of their suit.

This product comes in a broad range of sizes, and in male and female designs.

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