• Scubapro MK25 Evo / S600 Titanium Regulator Combination

Scubapro MK25T Evo / S600 Titanium

$2,199.00 $2,750.00


The Scubapro MK25T Evo / S600 Titanium regulator is Scubapro's flagship regulator and the absolute gold standard of regulators worldwide!

This regulator system has it all and will last you a life time! The system is extremely light weight, bullet proof and highly corrosion resistant. Scubapro promises a 100 years of effortless air delivery and trouble-free service to the user!

The MK25T Evo (Titanium) has been machined from a solid block of titanium! Put it in a bath of concentrated salt water and it will not corrode! It's 11 ounces lighter than the standard MK25 Evo and it's the regulator of choice for military divers as it's magnetic signature is extremely low.

It has all the features of a standard MK25 Evo (balanced piston design for effortless breathing, anti-freeze XTIS system and swivel turret with 5 low pressure ports) and an external pressure adjustment function that allows service technicians to tune the regulator without having to disassemble it!

Combine it with the titanium version of Scubapro's S600 with a titanium housing and titanium interior barrel and you've got an ultra light top performer, which is extremely comfortable to use. It comes with two adjustment knobs/switches on the side (pre-dive/dive switch and inhalation effort control knob) for easier user control.

This regulator system is for the diver that wants it all and then a little bit more! It's the flagship regulator of the flagship brand and sets the ultimate gold standard in regulator design!

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