• Scubapro MK21 / S560 Regulator Combination

Scubapro MK21 / S560

$749.00 $900.00


As winner of Scuba Diving Magazine's 2014 Gear of the Year Award and Sport Diver Magazine's Editors Pick, the Scubapro MK21 / S560 is definitely a winning combination!

Scubapro's latest and most stylish first stage, the MK21, is shaped like an engine block and really shows its power when compared to other regulators in the same price range. It's the most compact balanced piston first stage in the Scubapro range and is lighter (and smaller) than the other piston reg in the range (the MK25). It also offers better anti-freeze capabilities compared to its bigger brother.

The air balanced S560 has a very light weight techno-polymer casing and gives you full control with the inhalation effort adjustment and VIVA dive/pre-dive switches on the side! As it's balanced, it will breathe comfortable and dry at all depths!

It's the size, weight and performance of this regulator system that sets it apart from similar regulator systems of other brands. It's a great cold-water performer and a reliable system for recreational divers of all skills levels.

Optional: The MK21 has 2 high pressure (HP) ports for your transmitter and gauge or console and 2 standard low pressure (LP) ports for your inflator hoses (both for BC and drysuit) and 2 high-flow low pressure (LP) ports for your regulators, all angled at a 20 degree angle for optimum hose routing. Add a fifth low pressure ports (also high flow) with the optional Upgrade Kit to change the angle of the other four ports to 30 degrees and add a centralised high flow port, just like the MK25 has, to make this an ideal first stage for technical dives!


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