• Scubapro MK21 / G260 Regulator Combination

Scubapro MK21 / G260

$839.00 $990.00

Add MK21 Fifth Port Upgrade (+$49)?

The Scubapro MK21 G260 is one of the top performers in the Scubapro range! It handles any diving conditions with ease and performs excellent in all temperatures!

The MK21 is the most compact piston first stage in the Scubapro range. It's lighter and smaller compared to its big brother, the MK25, and it handles cold water extremely well due to it's exceptional anti-freeze resistance. It has 4 Low Pressure (LP) ports for your regulators and inflator hoses and 2 High Pressure (HP) ports for your gauge and transmitter.

The G260 is the technical diver's balanced second stage of choice of all time! The latest version in the G-range, it features metal components for extra durability and condensation on the inside when breathing (so you don't get such a dry mouth), plus it has the option to attach a hose to either the right or the left side! Combine that with the size of the diaphragm in this reg and you've got one of the best cold water breathers on the market today!

Optional: The MK21 offers the option of adding a 5th port! It changes the hose routing of the standard 4 LP ports to 30 degrees (instead of the standard 20 degrees) and adds a centralised high flow 5th port (like the MK25 has). The ideal setup for technical diving!

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