• Scubapro MK21 C370 Regulator Combo

Scubapro MK21 / C370

$699.00 $859.00

Add MK21 Fifth Port Upgrade (+$49)?

The Scubapro MK21 C370 combination is the most compact high performance balanced piston breathing system in the Scubapro range! 

The MK21 is a smaller and lighter version of the MK25 with a smaller piston, but a similar breathing performance to its heavier brother! It also handles cold water exceptionally well (with great anti-freeze capabilities).

The C370 comes standard with a swivel hose and comes standard with a control knob and VIVA dive/pre-dive switch on the side for easy control of the inhalation effort. It has a stainless steel front cover for extra durability and is the most compact second stage in the Scubapro range, making it a great regulator for travel!

Optional: Add the MK21 Fifth Port Upgrade Kit for an extra $49. The MK21s smart hose layout features 4 low pressure (LP) ports angled at 20 degrees. With the fifth port upgrade the bottom cap gets replaced with a new cap adding a 5th centralised LP port and changing the hose routing of the other four ports to 30 degrees, the best configuration for technical diving!

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