• Scubapro Ladyhawk BCD

Scubapro Ladyhawk

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The Scubapro Ladyhawk BCD is a back- or rear-inflation style BCD that has been specifically designed to fit female divers.

Being a back-inflation or wing-style BCD, it frees up the front and side area of the BCD and is a lot less bulky than traditional jacket-style BCDs. If you like to be your BCD as streamlined as possible, the Ladyhawk is the right BCD for you!

The Scubapro Ladyhawk BCD helps to maintain a horizontal position in the water, and has4 stainless steel D-Rings on which you can clip different items. It's made of a really strong material so it will last a long time and comes with the Super Cinch buckle system. You will only need to adjust the Ladyhawk to your tank size once! After that it's just a matter of sliding the BCD on your tank and snap close the buckle.

The Scubapro Ladyhawk BCD has been equipped with quick-release integrated weight pockets plus 2 extra trimweight pockets on the shoulders.

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