• Scubapro Glide X BCD

Scubapro Glide X

$679.00 $910.00


The Scubapro Glide X is a very high-quality BCD, with vest-style inflation and it offers all the comfort you require. 

A BCD with vest- or jacket-style inflations offers premium comfort while you are in the water. As the air is positioned around you, you will feel carried and secure while floating on the surface. While scubadiving vest-style inflation will provide you with more natural balance. It also means you'll have 2 large pockets to store items in you want to keep close on your dive, like a small reel, or spare equipment.

The Scubapro Glide X BCD is equipped with comfy padding and has an adjustable cummerbund. The Scubapro Glide X BCD comes with Scubapro's Super Clinch Tank Buckle System. Once you've set the tank buckle to your tank size, it stays like that and you will never have to tighten and adjust the buckle again; just open and close.

The Glide X has quick-release weight-pockets and 2 extra trim pockets on the shoulders. The Scubapro Glide X BCD provides grommets where you can attach your knife to your BCD and has 6 (4 large, 2 small) stainless steel D-rings.

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