• Scubapro Equator BCD

Scubapro Equator

$635.00 $775.00


The Scubapro Equator BCD is a comfy BCD that's great for regular local diving as well as travelling, as it has been designed to accommodate both.

The Scubapro Equator BCD is very light and can be folded like a backpack to enable lightweight packing when going on a diving holiday. Yet at the same time it's very sturdy, it has 2 large tank straps and 1 small yoke tankstrap. It offers 2 normal pockets as well where you can store items like a SMB, reel etc. The Scubapro Equator BCD has 6 stainless steel D-Rings (4 large, 2 small).

The Scubapro Equator BCD looks after your safety as well with integrated, quick release weight pockets.

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