• Scubapro Compact Dry Bag 3L

Scubapro Compact Dry Bag

$29.00 $33.00


The Scubapro Compact Dry Bag is a convenient 3-litre dry bag that will keep your belongings dry while on a wet (surface) environment, like a boat for example. The Scubapro Compact Dry Bag is ideal for storing things like your wallet, phone and dry clothes that you need to stay dry but need to keep close-by as well while you are out diving or snorkelling. 

The Compact Dry Bag has a volume of 3 litres and is made of a robust material, to ensure that Scubapro quality that we are all used to! 

Dimensions: 49x26x2cm or 19.3x10.3x.9in.

Weight: 210g or 5lb.

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