• Scubapro Atoll Snorkel

Scubapro Atoll Snorkel

$33.00 $38.00


The Scubapro Atoll snorkel is a relaxed and easy-to-use snorkel that provides everything you need!

The top of the Scubapro Atoll snorkel has been equipped with a semi-dry top, to prevent as much water as possible from entering your snorkel. The breathing tube has been created in an elliptical shape to ensure easiness of breathing, even while swimming fast. The piece between the tube and the mouthpiece has been made of a flexible material so the mouthpiece will drop away from your face when you're not using the snorkel, thus not disturbing you or in the way of your regulator. The mouthpiece has been designed in an ergonomic and comfortable shape for maximum comfort!

If you're looking for a comfy, basic snorkel that's decked out with all the important features, the Scubapro Atoll Snorkel is the right snorkel for you. The Atoll snorkel is available in black, yellow and blue, with an orange tip for high vis.

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