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Salvimar Pulse Speargun (50-95cm)

$189.00 $230.00


The Salvimar Pulse speargun has been designed for the entry level spearo. The rail gun has a really good value for money and a beginner-friendly interface.

Aiding beginner spearfishing enthusiast is the closed muzzle and the reverse trigger mechanism. This means minimal recoil and maximum accuracy. The high-stretch 14mm rubber with a Dyneema Wishbone and Brass Beads makes this gun easy to load.

The speargun features a corrosion free stainless steel trigger mechanism and a strong, one-piece aluminium barrel. The superior handle design makes operating this gun comfortable and provides superior aiming. Available in different lengths.


  • Closed muzzle
  • 14mm latex powerband
  • Point and Flopper system
  • Side line release
  • Integrated rail into the barrel

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