• Redback X-Trainer Surf & Lake 8'9 Compact SUP
  • Redback X-Trainer Surf & Lake 8'9 Compact SUP

Redback Surf & Lake 8'9 Compact SUP

$625.00 $800.00

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‘Surfs like a Malibu, paddles like a SUP.’ – Redback Australia

If you are looking for a flexible Stand-Up Paddle Board, that you can use to surf some waves as well, then this is the perfect SUP for you! Its speed and ease of paddling is normally associated with much longer boards. With its compact size of 8'9'', this SUP paddles like a SUP of 12' or more.

The performance tri-fin setup gives it great manoeuvrability in the surf and the special angled cut rails make it easier to bury them into the face of the wave. Either for a fun day in the sun or for an extreme upper body workout, the Redback Lake 8'9 Compact SUP is great for a diversity of activities.


  • Soft board construction
  • Weighs less than 13kg
  • Four laminated stringers

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