• Redback Biohazard Intense 44" Fibreglass Skimboard

Redback Biohazard Intense 44" Fibreglass Skimboard

$215.00 $280.00


The Redback Biohazard Intense 44” Fibreglass Skimboard is a high-quality product, and a great option for avid skimboarders! This product is both lightweight (for easy travel) and durable – making it a versatile and excellent choice. 

Redback has implemented a range of manufacturing details which have resulted in high-performing features. The high-density PE foam core has improved the board’s floatation and buoyancy, resulting in smoother riding and tricks. The board itself is made with epoxy fibreglass which is strong and durable – ensuring your board will endure all of your adventures!

Product Specification:

Size = 44inch / 112cm

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