• Probe Insulator Short Sleeved Top Ladies

Probe Insulator 0.5 mm Short Sleeved Top Ladies

$75.00 $100.00


Probe designed the neoprene of their Insulator Short Sleeved Tops to have Metalite Titanium lining. This special lining has been designed to capture all the body warmth that's released from your body and make sure it stays there to keep you warm. This special lining enabled Probe to keep the neoprene thin (only 0.5 mm.) which makes these tops great for wearing underneath wetsuits (not bulky), by themselves or for other water sports where you need some flexibility. 

The Short Sleeved Tops are available in a female cut to ensure a great fit. They have a lycra collar and underarm gussets, and a cord waste tie.

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