• Probe Insulator Long Sleeve Top - Mens

Probe Insulator 0.5 mm Long Sleeve Top Mens

$79.00 $100.00


Probe's Insulator tops are designed to keep you warm for a longer period of time as they are designed with a special Metalite Titanium lining on the neoprene. This titanium lining will reflect your lost body warmth back to you to make sure you stay warm while the top itself will provide protection of UV rays and other environmental factors.

These Probe Insulator Long Sleeved Tops are ideal solutions to wear by themselves when scubadiving in warmer tropical waters or to use as an extra layer of warmth when diving in temperate or cool waters. The Insulator Long Sleeved Top will keep you warm and toasty during other water activities as well, such as kayaking, snorkeling, etc.

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