• Probe Insulator 0.5 mm Unisex Pants

Probe Insulator 0.5 mm Long Pants Unisex

$95.00 $120.00


Probe Insulator 0.5 mm. Unisex Pants are long pants made of especially designed 0.5 mm. neoprene that has been lined with Metalite Titanium. Metalite Titanium has been designed by Probe to ensure you stay as warm and comfortable in or on the water as possible by locking in your body heat without overheating.

As these pants are thin, warm, comfy and flexible, they are the ideal wear for watersports like scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, surfing and swimming. The Probe Insulator Unisex Pants will keep you warm and protect your skin from UV damage and other environmental factors.

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