• Probe iDry Pro 2-Piece 7mm. or 9mm. Roll Collar Suit
  • Probe iDry Pro 7mm. or 9mm. 2-Piece Roll Collar Diving Suit Size Chart

Probe iDry Pro 7mm. 2-Piece Roll Collar Diving Suit

$699.00 $900.00

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The wetsuit for dive professional is now even more versatile. Instead of having the hood attached to the suit, you now have the choice to order it with a roll collar instead, so you can choose whether you wear the hood or not!

The set consists of three pieces, the hood, the jacket with the roll collar and the long john, all of which are lined with the stunning Probe iDry fleece lining, which is warm, comfortable and stretchy and dries almost instantly when you exit the water (in a matter of minutes!).

You now also have the option of adding a pee valve to the suit as well, so you don't have to take it off in between dives when you need to go to the toilet! The zipper is waterproof, so no water will enter the suit!

The roll collar version of this suit is a special and takes approximately 3-4 weeks to get in as the hood needs to be taken off and the roll collar put in, which is an aftermarket adjustment. Please note that a specially ordered suit is non-returnable, so please make sure you select the right size.

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