• Probe iDry 5mm Soft Sole Boots

Probe iDry Soft Sole 5mm Boots

$49.00 $60.00

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These 5mm comfy Probe iDry boots will keep your feet warm and dry very quick after diving. When you go on your second dive you will be able to put dry dive boots on your feet!

These soft sole Probe boots have a thickness of 5mm which ensure warm feet in colder temperate waters. They have no zipper to ensure a proper fit with your wetsuit and no water leaking through the zip.

The Probe iDry boots are lined with Probe's Quick-Dry technology fleece. This fleece has the unique property that it will dry in minutes. Ideal for when you're doing more than one dive and don't want to step into cold wet boots.

Boot Sizing Guide:

  • XS fits mens AUST/UK shoe size 6 - 7
  • S fits mens AUST/UK shoe size 7 - 8
  • M fits mens AUST/UK shoe size 8 - 9
  • L fits mens AUST/UK shoe size 9 - 10
  • XL fits mens AUST/UK shoe size 10 - 11
  • XXL fits mens AUST/UK shoe size 11 - 13

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