• PolarPro Hero8 Divemaster Filter Kit

PolarPro GoPro Hero 8 Divemaster Filter Kit

$89.00 $100.00


Add 3 different filters to your GoPro HERO8 Black to have a response to each dive condition. No matter, if you dive in blue, green or shallow waters – simply swap between red, magenta or snorkel filters to get the best results and the most vibrant images.

They can be easily attached with the snap-on design and securely fastened with the thumbscrew. You can even switch between the filters on the go or during the dive. Make sure you always use the right filter to the best pictures and videos of your dives possible.


  • Made to capture vibrant colours in blue, green, and shallow waters
  • Only fits GoPro HERO8 Black Protective Housing
  • Includes: Red, Magenta, and Snorkel filters + storage case

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