• Oceanic Slimline 3 Occy

Oceanic Slimline 3 Octopus

$219.00 $250.00


A low profile alternate air source with a super streamlined design specifically tailored to reduce drag and keep annoying tangles from interfering with your dive! The high visibility yellow hose and large purge button optimize the safety of you and your buddy whist diving. 

Built to be reliable and robust with a tough housing and rubber front cover, this simple piece of kit promises to provide you with years of trouble-free diving! 


  • Flat design reduces drag and prevents tangles 
  • Tough housing and rubber front cover will provide years of trouble-free diving
  • Large high-visibility purge button
  • High-visibility yellow hose
  • Available with Mi-Flex Hose (A lightweight, flexible, braided hose designed to outperform and outlive traditional rubber hoses.)
  • Lifetime Warranty & free parts for life

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