• Oceanic Alpha 10 / CDX / Alpha 8 Occy Regulator Set DIN
  • Oceanic Alpha 10 / CDX / Alpha 8 Occy Regulator Set Yoke
  • Oceanic Alpha 10 / CDX / Slimline Occy Regulator Set DIN
  • Oceanic Alpha 10 / CDX / Slimline Occy Regulator Set Yoke

Oceanic Regulator Set: Alpha 10 / CDX (DIN or Yoke) / Alpha 8 Octopus & Free Termo Gauge

$875.00 $1,180.00

Assemble & Pressure Test

Compact, reliable and affordable best describe the Oceanic Alpha 10 / CDX regulator set. This combo provides comfortable and effortless breathing, encased in a sleek and durable design! 

The Oceanic CDX first stage is an excellent choice for those wanting a compact and reliable regulator. Thanks to its balanced diaphragm design, this first stage intrinsically has an environmental seal. This means that servicing and maintenance is simple and more affordable, as the internal parts are not exposed to damaging contaminants, including dirt, grime, chlorine and salt. These contaminants can cause corrosion and build-up which reduces regulator performance over time. The CDX first stage is built using triple chrome marine grade brass, with 2HP and 4LP ports angled for streamlined hose routing. 

Paired with the Alpha 10 second stage, this combination is perfect for an affordable yet high-performing regulator set! The Alpha 10 showcases an impressive range of features, including a pneumatically balanced design, and an orthodontic mouthpiece. It meets U.S. Navy Class A standards, and upholds Oceanic’s renowned safety measures. 

This regulator set includes an Oceanic Alpha 8 Octopus (or Slimline: +$40), and a free Termo pressure gauge.

Top features:

  • Balanced diaphragm first stage
  • Triple chrome marine grade brass 
  • Oceanic free parts for life
  • Environmental seal
  • Pneumatically balanced demand valve (second stage)
  • Easy to service


  • Oceanic CDX First Stage (DIN or Yoke)
  • Oceanic Alpha 10 Second Stage
  • Oceanic Alpha 8 Octopus 
  • Termo Pressure Gauge 
  • All hoses (generic LPI included)

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