• McNett Wetsuit & Drysuit Shampoo

McNett Wetsuit and Drysuit Shampoo

$12.00 $14.00


McNett Wetsuit and Drysuit shampoo is designed to ensure your scubadiving equipment stays in perfect shape. We put our wetsuits and drysuits to quite a few ordeals when you think about it; we load them up with salt and expose them to quite a bit of sunshine. All of these elements aren't great for the lifespan of your scuba diving equipment! But McNett Wetsuit and Drysuit shampoo is specifically designed to quickly dissolve and remove salt and other organic residue. 

McNett Wetsuit and Drysuit shampoo removes bacteria, algae (so great for people diving in fresh water as well!), salt and chlorine. The shampoo is not just suitable for wetsuits and drysuits, it can be used for your boots, gloves, fishing waders and lycra body wear too. Prevent those nasty odours and use shampoo when washing your gear!

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