• Mares Quad Air Dive Computer
  • Mares Quad Air Dive Computer with Transmitter

Mares Quad AIR Dive Computer

$595.00 $700.00

Include Transmitter (+$249)

The Mares Quad Air dive computer features a large display screen and larger font so its super easy to read in the water. The display is split into 3 sections, one for depth, one for time and decompression and one for cylinder pressure. 

To enhance this the most important data is shown in larger numbers on the screen with other information slightly smaller. 

The Quad Air has the option of air integration for up to three transmitters which features an LED display of green, yellow and red to keep things super simple.

It features the same mirror button function, gas mix capabilities, great battery life and user changeable battery as the Mares Quad dive computer. 


  • Runaway deco alarm
  • Multi-gas capabilities 
  • Dive time can be shown including seconds 
  • Improved battery life with user changeable battery
  • Clear display with easy to read screen
  • Decompression dive planner with ability to adjust surface interval
  • Ability to change traditional strap for bungees
  • Optional air integration with wireless transmitter

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