• Mares Eos 10RZ Dive Torch

Mares Eos 10RZ Dive Torch

$269.00 $350.00

Add Soft Goodman Handle (+$55)?

The Mares 10RZ Dive Torch is a useful primary light, great for low visibility or using on night dives it provides you with 1010 lumens from its LED bulbs for up to 135 minutes. This torch is adaptable to your needs and the diving conditions with the ability to adjust the beam from 12° to 75°. It also has three modes, on (full power), low (40% power) or off and easy to use slide lock. 

It has a rechargeable USB battery, comes with a carry case to protect and convenient wrist strap.

We also have the option of including the Soft Goodman Handle. 

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