• Luxfer 80 cuft (11.1L) Aluminium Scuba Tank (Brushed)

Luxfer 80cft Aluminium Scuba Cylinder (Free Shipping)

$354.00 $475.00

Include Valve?

The Luxfer 80 cubic feet (11.1L) aluminium scuba cylinder is made from aluminium alloy 6061-T6 and provides superior corrosion resistance and dependable performance!

Luxfer Cylinders are the preferred cylinder for police, military and commercial divers all around the world. Many technical (both backmount and sidemount) divers prefer Luxfer cylinders as well, because of their excellent buoyancy characteristics. It is possitively buoyant (1.9kg when empty) and negatively buoyant (800gr) when full in salt water.

The tanks are rated to 207 bar (3000 psi) and have the following dimensions: 66cm (height) x 18.4cm (diameter).

Current hydro test stamp included.

Weight: 14.3kg

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