• Low Pressure Inline Cut-Off Valve

Low Pressure Inline Cut-Off Valve

$39.00 $45.00


This Low-Pressure Inline Cut-Off Valve is a great product for technical, sidemount, rebreather, recreational or commercial dive set-ups. This product is used to avoid gas los and free flow, particularly in situations where gas loss is catastrophic – such as stage or decompression bottles.

The Low-Pressure Inline Cut-Off Valve fits between your LP-regulator hose and regulator’s second stage. This product will increase your safety during a dive, especially when regulators which are not designed for cold water are used. They are prone to freezing, which can lead to free-flow and gas los. Therefore, with this additional piece of equipment, the diver can easily stop the free-flow and safely ascend.


  • Easy installation
  • Increased safety of diver
  • Compatible with most regulators
  • Helps avoid free-flow and gas los

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