• Light & Motion Sola Video 9600 Pro

Light & Motion Sola Video 9600 Pro

$1,749.00 $2,150.00


The Light & Motion Sola Video 9600 Pro light is an amazing new underwater video light that's designed with professional videographers in mind!

Besides the whopping 9600 lumen this torch can provide, it also stands out due to the new and patented cooling system it uses (which means a longer battery life) and the new OLED Display. This display will indicate what setting it's on and how much time you've left in that setting. This is a handy little feature as it will make it a lot easier to plan the remaining part of your dive and shots you may want to take. 

The compact design of the Light and Motion Sola Video 9600 Pro Light makes it an excellent light to use while travelling as well and it allows you to switch from travel mode to dive mode. The light is a handy and powerful underwater torch for the professional videographers and photographers!


Lumens (Flood 90°):
High- 9600
Med- 4800
Low- 1200

Run Time (Min):
High- 50
Med- 100
Low- 400

Ball Mount
Neoprene Sleeve

Power: 24v
Weight: 984 g Size: 89 x 89 x 140mm
OLED Dashboard: Display with 7 levels of power

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