• Light & Motion Sola Tech 600 Dive Light

Light & Motion Sola Tech 600 Torch

$679.00 $800.00


The Light and Motion Sola Tech 600 Dive Light is intended for technical divers, but its great features make it an excellent choice for all divers looking for a compact yet powerful light with spot beam that can run for hours (9 hours on low!).

The body of the Sola Tech 600 Dive Light is factory sealed which means you won't have to worry about leakage and maintenance is minimum. You can set the light on three different settings to adjust the lumen to your needs. You can read your light's battery power and current setting from the coloured indicator and setting lights.

It's smooth, compact design yet powerful beam makes this the ideal primary light or back-up light for technical and fun divers!


Lumens (Spot 8°):
High- 600
Med- 300
Low- 150

Run Time (Min):
High- 180
Med- 360
Low- 720

Wrist Mount

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