• Light and Motion Sola 800 Photo Light

Light & Motion Sola Photo 800 Torch

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The Light & Motion Sola 800 Photo Light is an ideal, compact underwater light for photographers and videographers. The Solo 800 Photo light combines a 60° flood beam of white 800 lumen light with a 60° flood beam of red 300 lumen light. The reason behind this is that it will allow the photographer to use the red light to come close to their subject (as a lot of marine life can't detect red light) and have the camera focus on the subject, and then use the white light to take the picture.

It's easy to keep an eye on battery life with the coloured indicator life. This will make it easier to plan your dive and your photographs!


Lumens (White/Red):
High- 800 / 300
Med- 400 / 150
Low- 200 / 75

Run Time (Min) (white/red):
High- 70 / 120
Med- 140 / 240
Low- 280 / 480


Charge Time: 150 Minutes
Weight: 238 g
Size: 53 x 53 x 101mm
Depth: to 90m
Power: 1 Amp

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