• Light and Motion GoBe S 500 Spot Light

Light & Motion GoBe S 500 Spot Torch

$179.00 $199.95


The Light and Motion GoBe S 500 Spot Light is a great multipurpose light that can be used as a dive light or other adventure sports. It emits a 500 lumen spot beam at a 20 degree angle. A great feature from the GoBe lights is that the heads can be taken of and replaced with a different GoBe head.

The GoBe S 500 has different settings you can use to suit your activity, including an extended mode in case you would like your light to last as long as possible and a SOS mode. The light is waterproof until 120 metres.


Lumen/Run Time (hrs):
High- 500/1.5
Med- 225/3
Low- 70/12
Ext- 35/24
SOS- 70/36

Charge Time: 4.5 hrs
Beam Angle: 20°
Weight: 172g
Size: 48 x 48 x 124mm

Charge cable

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