• Light and Motion GoBe + 500 Search
  • Light and Motion GoBe + 500 Search - upright

Light & Motion GoBe + 500 Search Torch

$299.00 $340.00


The Light and Motion GoBe + 500 Search combines the powerful GoBe + body with the 500 Search light head. This will enhance the performance of your torch and provides you with a faster charging time.

The Light & Motion GoBe + 500 dive light is designed to help you with underwater searches or when you are diving in low visibility environments. It's a powerful light that has a very narrow 8° angle beam which is ideal for low visibility and murky environments. It has different settings including an extended and SOS mode.


Lumen/Run Time (hrs):
High- 500/2.2
Med- 225/4.4
Low- 70/18
Ext- 35/36
SOS- 70/54

Fast Charge: 2 hrs

Beam Angle: 8°
Weight: 170g
Size: 45 x 122mm

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