• Light Monkey LED Canister Light: 5.2 AMP 9 Watt

Light Monkey LED Canister Light: 5.2 AMP 9 Watt

$879.00 $940.00


Without light we would just be a bunch of monkeys! Light Monkey's LED and HID lights are known worldwide for their durability and reliability. They are capable of lighting the way on whatever adventure you throw at them! Light Monkey LED primary lights are rock-solid; you can count on them to work in the most demanding environments.

They are available in 3 power levels: 9 Watt, 12 Watt, and 21 Watt. Each uses an OSRAM emitter with a specially-designed reflector to provide a tight, 6 degree beam width for cutting through low-visibility water and promoting effective signaling.

  • Bright compact 9W canister light with 350 minutes of burn time
  • Powered by a 5.2Ah lithium chemistry rechargeable battery
  • Solid Delrin canister body with aluminum light head
  • Canister w/Lid 8.5-inches (22cm) by 2.5-inch (6cm)
  • 40-inch long light cord and light head 5-inches by 2-inches
  • Canister, Battery and Head weighs mere 3 lbs (1.4kg)
  • 600 system lumens @ 5600 Kelvin fixed focus with tight 6° reflector
  • User replaceable battery with connector and sealed dry lid
  • Elastic hand mount (Goodman available)
  • 2-inch webbing belt mount (other mounts available) 
  • Includes Universal Lithium Chemistry Smart Charger w/US power cord (other cords available)
  • Does not have any TSA travel restrictions

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