• Lavacore Full Length Suit Mens

Lavacore Full Length Suit Mens

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Lavacore Full Suit Mens

The Lavacore full suit for men can be worn as a stand alone full body exposure suit when you're diving, swimming or snorkeling in reasonably warm waters or if the waters are a little bit colder, you can simply wear it under your wetsuit or drysuit to add an extra layer and extra warmth.

These suits are neutrally buoyant and have a full front zipper. It's easy to slide it through underneath your suit, because of the thumb and feet loops. They are superstretchy and very comfortable to wear and have a warm, moisture wicking fleece inner layer which minimizes odors and will keep you warm both underwater as well as on the surface.

Please see the lavacore international website for size charts: http://www.lavacoreinternational.com/lavacore-full-suit-male. 

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