• Intova Tovatec Ultra III Dive Light (830 Lumen)

Tovatec Ultra III Dive Light (830 Lumen)

$135.00 $150.00


Are you looking for a powerful, functional, high-quality dive torch? Then the Tovatec Ultra III Dive Light is the torch for you! With 830-lumen and a defined 5° beam angle, this torch will brighten up the darkest night dive, or the eeriest wreck!

This torch will help you illuminate the most exciting dive adventures, with a battery life of 7.5 hours (when using 6 x brand-new, AA batteries). The double o-ring seal allows for impressive protection and the torch remains waterproof up to 100m. Remember: to maintain an effective seal, make sure you clean o-rings and re-apply silicone grease.

The Ultra III light is 22.5cm long and can be transported using the wrist lanyard. The body is made from durable anodised aluminium, making a practical and robust primary dive light.

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