• I-Dive Aluminium Ball Arm T1 Base Adaptor

I-Dive Aluminium Ball Arm T1 Base Adaptor

$32.00 $35.00


I-Dive bring you the Ball Arm T1 Base Adapter, a strong and easy to use, light-weight, high-quality solution for attaching a T1 fitting to a Ball mount connector. Crafted from light-weight aluminium, it is perfect for the travelling underwater photographer. Featuring type 3 anodising, it will stand the test of time, flying through years of servicing without a problem. 

The T1 Base adaptor also features an adjustable side screw for extra security, there's no need to worry about the safety of your lighting accessories with this piece of kit. 


  • Attach ball mount accessories to your T1 Base
  • Compact, light-weight design
  • 3 type anodising for durability and strength
  • Adjustable side screw for additional safety and ease

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