• Hollis S25 LX Wing
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Hollis S25 LX Single Wing

$469.00 $550.00


With the S25 LX Single Wing, Hollis promises you quality and performance. The bladders have been enhanced from previous models to an HD laminated 1680D Cordura exterior shell and a 420 nylon internal bladder.

The 360 degree internal retraction system of the LX design has been added to match the design of the wing, allowing for a perfectly streamlined rig.

The S25 LX features a centrally located elbow to avoid interference between the tank valve and your regulator. Additional features include a lower left pull relief valve, cam band slots, and an oval corrugated hose.


  • 1680D Cordura exterior bladder
  • 420 nylon internal bladder
  • Redesigned OPV
  • Stainless grommets

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