• Hollis LX150 H2O Oxygen Regulators

Hollis 150LX / HO2

$995.00 $1,170.00


The Hollis 150LX second stage is paired with the HO2 first stage regulator: An oxygen regulator that is built for an oxygen percentage up to 100%. What you get is a great performance for an affordable price.

The HO2 is a non-balanced flow-by piston first stage and is certified for up to 100% oxygen. It comes with a 300 BAR/4500 PSI DIN connection. Made from corrosion resistant marine-grade chrome plated brass, the H02 offer you 1 HP and 4 LP ports. With the flow-by piston design you get a truly fail-safe first stage.

The reversible demand valve of the 150 LX oxygen second stage can be set up as either a right- or a left-handed hose configuration. The pneumatically balanced chrome-plated brass valve lets you experience a highly comfortable breathing performance on every dive.


  • Bulletproof Hollis HP5 first stage
  • Non-balanced flow-by piston
  • Oxygen-green for easy identification
  • Pneumatically balanced chrome-plated brass valve
  • Reversible demand valve

This product may require special order from Hollis USA.

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