• Hollis LX100 Second Stage only
  • Hollis LX100 Second Satge only front
  • Hollis LX100 Second Satge only side
  • Hollis LX100 Second Satge only hose connection

Hollis 100LX Second Stage Only

$299.00 $350.00


Style meets quality! The Hollis 100LX Second Stage is not just a stylish regulator, it combines high-quality materials with state-of-the-art developments through experience.

Hollis offers you a fantastic breathing experience underwater, due to the pneumatically balanced chromed-plated brass valve. The adjustable Dive/Pre-Dive switch helps you to control air flow. The 100LX features an ergonomic exhaust. This firstly reduces exhaust effort, and secondly leads your released bubbles outside of your field of view.


  • Pneumatically balanced chromed-plated brass valve
  • Reversible demand valve
  • Orthodontic mouthpieces with dual colour tabs

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