• Hollis LX100 Octopus
  • Hollis LX100 Octopus Front
  • Hollis LX100 Octopus Side
  • Hollis LX100 Octopus Front Full

Hollis 100LX Octopus

$325.00 $410.00


The Hollis 100LX Octopus is a pneumatically balanced second stage that offers you a smooth breathing experience: An alternate second stage to match the performance of the Hollis 100LX.

It features an adjustable Venturi switch. You can choose between Dive and Pre-Dive mode, which is especially handy for an alternate, as you can prevent free flows when the octo is not in use. It is a very practical reversible demand valve, that you can configure left- or right-handed.


  • Standard yellow coloured cover
  • Chrome plated brass valve
  • Reversible demand valve
  • Orthodontic mouthpieces with dual colour tabs

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