• Hollis DC3 LX100
  • Hollis DC3 LX100 DIN
  • Hollis DC3 LX100 Yoke

Hollis 100LX / DC3

$749.00 $880.00


A brilliant cold-water resistant regulator assembly: the Hollis 100LX second stage and the DC3 first stage. All in all, a great value regulator.

Marine-grade chrome plated brass and an over-balanced diaphragm regulator design. The Hollis DC3 excels specifically in harsh diving conditions, such as extremely cold water. Protected from corrosion, as well as freezing due to the environmental seal. It features 4 low pressure and 2 high pressure ports.

The 100LX promises you smooth and easy breathing, due to its pneumatically balanced chromed-plated brass valve. The hose configuration can be set up either right- or left-handed, which gives you the flexibility to choose your preferred way. Hollis further installed a Dive/Pre-Dive Venturi lever and ergonomic exhaust.


  • High performance over-balanced first stage
  • Environmental sealing
  • Pneumatically balanced chromed-plated brass valve
  • Reversible demand valve

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