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HOG Sidemount System

$649.00 $690.00

BCD Size

HOG Sidemount Rig

The unique innovative HOG sidemount BCD has been designed with both the warm as well as the cold water diver in mind! The system can be used for single tank or double tank sidemounting and with both aluminium as well as stell tanks!

The lift is variable (and depends on how you adjust your bungees) and can be up to about 43lb. The butt plate has heaps of possibilities to mount gear on and has two curved rails.

The very affordable HOG sidemount system comes in two sizes:
Small for divers under 5ft9 and Large for divers over 5ft9.

- HOG Sidemount BCD cover (to protect your wing in really tight spaces, such as tight caves or wrecks). Can simply be replaced when worn.
- Long door handle rails 4” long are available as well.

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