• HOG D1/Classic Regulator Set

HOG D1/Classic Regulator Set


First Stage Connection:
Add a BCD Inflator Hose (+$39)?
Have an ODG technician assemble your set (FREE)?

HOG D1/Classic Regulator Set

Get yourself set up with this value Highly Optimized Gear (HOG) regulator set! The set consists of:
- HOG D1 First Stage (either DIN or Yoke)
- HOG Classic 2nd Stage with 100cm Hose (Primary Airsource)
- HOG Classic 2nd Stage with 90cm Hose (Secondary Airsource)
- Termo SPG with HP hose
Inflator Hose
Please note that the inflator hose is an optional extra for a regulator set (since these come with your BCD). If you already have a BCD, but do not have an inflator hose, please add the hose on the right hand side. If you are ordering a BCD at the same time, we can install the inflator hose that comes with the BCD, so there is no need to add an extra inflator hose.

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