• HIL Strobe Strong - 3500 Tektike Black
  • HIL Strobe Strong - 3500 Tektike Orange

HIL Strobe Strong

$199.00 $230.00


The strong version of the HIL (High Intensity LED) strobe is a durable, polymer version of this popular strobe light, which is significantly brighter and has a better battery life than the Basic version.

It uses a high intensity 10-Watt LED strobe light and is crafted from ABS and Lexan, to make it as durable as possible. There are no fragile glass strobe tubes to break in this light and it is double o-ring sealed to make it waterproof to a depth of 150 metres.

The light is powered by 3 C-cell alkaline batteries and has a burn time of 100 hours at 120 flashes per minute (2 Hz). It has a twist-on rotary switch and is made in the USA.

Dimensions: 23x5cm
Weight: 340gr 

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