• Halcyon Contour Sidemount 50 (SM50)

Halcyon Contour SM50 Sidemount System

$1,055.00 $1,240.00


The Halcyon Contour is a turnkey sidemount system, which does not require any modifications before usage. The unique wing-shape of the Contour benefits your trim while diving sidemount. It lowers your centre of gravity, which accommodates the lower sidemount cylinders.

The system is fitted with an adjustable lower tank attachment point, as well as an adjustable crotch strap and cylinder bungies and an adjustable chest strap for the H-style harness, all of which accommodate your unique body physique. It comes with various mounting holes and configurable D-rings, 4 on the shoulder and 2 on the waist straps.

The included 2 weight pockets mount to either the top or the bottom of the Contour. The over pressure valve is located on the inside at the top of the BC and is easily reachable with the over-the-shoulder OPV strings, making air dumping easier.

The Halcyon Contour comes in two sizes, small or standard.

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