• Halcyon Carbon Fibre Backplate with Harness (with Quick Cinch System & STA System)
  • Halcyon Carbon Fibre Backplate with Harness
  • Halcyon Carbon Fibre Backplate with Harness - Blue

Halcyon Carbon Fibre Plus Backplate with Harness (with QC System & STA)

$625.00 $710.00

Backplate Colour

The Halcyon Backplate with Harness with built in Quick Cinch System is made from Carbon Fiber and it is thus ultra-light but also extremely robust, which makes this backplate your optimal travel companion. The light-weight plate (500g) sits securely against your back while diving and the Quick Cinch System can be infinitely adjusted for your ultimate comfort underwater and out of the water.

The Halcyon Carbon Fiber Backplate has an integrated single-tank-adapter, which reduces further weight during travel. The Harness with Built in Quick Cinch and STA System is included. The Harness features one hip and two shoulder D-Rings made from stainless steel. Further included are EPDM elastic bands to help you secure add-ons, the Halcyon Soft Crotch Strap and the Halcyon stainless steel belt buckle.

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