• Halcyon Adventure Plus Wing System

Halcyon Adventurer Plus Carbon Fibre Single Backplate / Wing System

$1,399.00 $1,600.00

Wing Size

The Halcyon Adventurer Plus Wing System revolves around the Halcyon's Traveler Pro Wing BC.

It is a light-weight BC with a specifically designed carbon fibre backplate. The webbing slots in both backplate and wing allow for the direct use of the 2 supplied cambands around a cylinder. No single-tank adapter is needed, as it is already part of the backplate, which is shaped to fit snugly against a cylinder.

The Halcyon Adventurer Plus is a truly versatile, clutter-free wing system, adjustable to any body size, exposure suit type and preferred diving style. This is due to the Halcyon Secure Cinch Harness with its infinitely adjustable fit. Furthermore, the system can easily be moved to a twinset wing.


  • Halcyon Traveler Pro Wing
  • Carbon Fibre Plus Backplate
  • 10-lb (4.5kg) ACB integrated weight pockets
  • Quick-Adjust Secure Harness
  • Built-in single-tank adapter

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