• Halcyon Adventurer Wing System

Halcyon Adventurer Carbon Fibre Single Backplate / Wing System

$1,279.00 $1,460.00

Wing Size
Add Weighted STA Insert (4lbs) +$109
Add 5lbs Trim Weight Pockets (+$65)

The Halcyon Adventurer is an eclipse wing system. It features the Halcyon Traveler Pro Wing, the Halcyon Carbon Fiber Backplate Plus, Halcyon’s ACB Weight Pockets, a harness shoulder padding and a stainless steel single tank adapter.

The Halcyon Secure Cinch is the harness system that grows with you. Its infinitely adjustable fit means that you can tailor the harness exactly to your personal needs, while it provides unparalleled stability and diving comfort.

The Halcyon carbon fibre backplate is made to the highest quality. The utility holes allow the connection with the Halcyon Storage Pak. The ACB integrated weight pockets fine tune the entire system weighting, for a safe and comfortable diving experience.


  • Halcyon Traveler Pro Wing
  • Carbon Fiber Backplate
  • 10-lb (4.5kg) ACB integrated weight pockets
  • Quick-Adjust Secure Harness
  • Stainless steel single-tank adapter

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