• Fourth Element X-Core Mens 2 Piece Set

Fourth Element X-Core Mens 2 Piece Set

$399.00 $445.00


Fourth Element's X-Core range is designed to keep your core warm in even the harshest conditions. The bodies natural physiological response to cold is to send blood and warmth to the core, leaving your extremities more exposed which can become dangerous, or limit the time or enjoyment of your dives. 

Heavyweight Polartec® Powerstretch® fabric in core area is combined with thinner fabric in others to minimise bulk meaning greater comfort and flexibility. The combination of both vest and leggings will ensure your whole core stays warm. The leggings have a lightweight waistband meaning less bulk around your midriff, and lighter fabric behind the knees and on the lower legs for comfort and increased mobility. The Vest is sleeveless with less bulky material around the shoulders for the same reasons.

Fast wicking material helps to keep the wearer warm and dry in even the most extreme underwater conditions, the extra warmth being provided to your core means safer dives that are more comfortable for extended times. 

The X-Core range is best worn on top of a thin base layer such as the J2 or Xerotherm range, but can be worn next to the skin. For the best thermal protection these leggings are worn underneath your Arctic, Halo or other drysuit undergarment. 

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